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10 International productions will be competing in the Official Section of this 14th Edition of the Zoom Festival

They will be contend for the awards for best film, best director, best script, and best acting.
The Zoom Festival, the International TV Fiction Festival is returning for this year’s edition, from the 22nd to the 27th of November in Igualada and Barcelona. A must-attend event for all local and international TV fiction fans. A new feature for this year will be a one-day extension to the Festival, which will begin screenings on Tuesday the 22nd.



Image from “Cervantes contra Lope”, by Miguel Bardem


This year’s films in the Official Section are; 22 ángeles (Spain, 2016), Agnes (Germany, 2016), Birthday (United Kingdom, 2015), Cervantes contra Lope (Spain, 2015), Ebre, del bressol a la batalla (Spain, 2016), Félvilág (Hungary, 2015), Freistatt (Germany, 2015), Groenland (Netherlands, 2015), Hope (Netherlands, 2015), Lampedusa, dall’orizzonte in poi (Italy, 2016).



Image from Dutch production “Hope”


22 Ángeles (Spain, 2016), is the film adaptation of Almudena Arteaga’s novel Ángeles Custodios. Directed by Miguel Bardem (Prim el asesinato de la calle del turco, El asesinato de Carrero Blanco) and adapted by Alicia Luna (Te doy mis ojos).

Agnes (Germany, 2016), by Johannes Schmid is a film based on the Swiss author Peter Stamm’s novel (Agnes, 1998), which has been translated into over twenty languages.

Birthday (United Kingdom, 2015) by Roger Michell is an adaptation of the acclaimed play by Joe Penhall, and starred by a surprising Stephen Mangan, in this both moving an fun film.

Cervantes contra Lope (Spain, 2015) by Manuel Huerga is a TV Movie that portrays the disputes between two of the 17th Century’s most important European writers, Miguel de Cervantes and Félix Lope de Vega. The theme is narrated in a mock documentary format.

Ebre, del bressol a la batalla (Spain, 2016) by Román Parrado is the story of a group of 17 and 18-year-olds that were forced to leave innocence behind and to face the bullets of war. A film that explains the evolution of the so-called “baby-bottle draft”, which had never before been brought to the screen. This screening is part of the Cicle Gaudí of the Catalan Cinema Academy.

Félvilág (Hungary, 2015) by Attila Szász is a film based on a real story about love, sex, passion and murder. A plot full of erotism, suspense and violence, to reveal the darkest side of human nature.

Freistatt (Germany, 2015) by Marc Brummund is a film based on a real story, about a boy’s struggle to preserve the last traces of humanity and dignity in an oppressive social system.

Groenland (Netherlands, 2015) by Tomas Kaan tells the love story between photographer Hugo (Thomas Ryckewaert) and young and attractive Iris (Gaite Jansen) in Greenland. It is a combination between fiction and documentary trhough film and photography.

Lampedusa, dall’orizzonte in poi (Italy, 2016) by Marco Pontecorvo is a miniseries of two chapters that tells a fictional story based on the real daily life of people giving first assistance to the illegal immigration on the island of Lampedusa.



Image from the miniseries “Lampedusa, dall’orizzonte in poi”


Here you can see all the films in the Official Section of Zoom Festival ’16.

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