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Zoom Festival Awards 2014

In an edition marked by the big bet of the contest to host films internationally. The Zoom Festival has established itself as a leader in the landscape of television fiction, becoming a showcase for the train of the best productions internationally and as a meeting place between professionals.

The Official Jury of this edition is composed of Josep Maria Benet, Anna Barrachina, Quim Casas, Susana Herreras, Albert Plans and Alain  Hernández.

These are the winners of the 12th edition of the Festival Zoom – International Fiction:
Best Tvmovie
Die Auserwählten (The Chosen waves). Christoph Röhl. Germany, 2014

Best Director
The Café de la Marina. Silvia Munt. Spain, 2014

Best Script
Girls should not play football. Spain, 2014

Awards Honor
Emma Vilarasau
Manel Fuentes

Sita Murt Augury Award
Diana Gomez

Young Jury Award
Die Auserwählten (The Chosen ones). Christoph Röhl. Germany, 2014

Best short Film, Zoom Jove Section
Eskiper. Pedro Collantes. Spain 2012

Best webserial Zoom Jove Section
Entre  pipes. Jorge Cassinello. Spain, 2014

Best Spanish Serial Award
Tiempo entre costuras. Ignacio Mercero, Iñaki Peñafiel, Norberto López Amado. Spain, 2013

 DO Catalunya Award
L’últim ball de Carmen Amaya. Judith Colell. Espanya, 2014

 Joan Poch de Mallerich Award
Llorenç Miquel

1r. Showcase Fiction Pilots – Serielizados & Zoom Festival
Bests pilots

Best Pilot of Serial of the Jury Award
– VHS (ex aequo) de Pere Sala, Cris Espinagosa and Laia Soler (Escac Films). ( 300€)
– El Mort Viu (ex aequo) d’Adrià Espí, Lluís Ferrer, Joan Losada, Martí Pavia and Jordi Porcel (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). (300€)

Best Pilot of WEBSerial of the Jury Award
– Vostè no és aquí de Albert Xifra, Miquel Segarra y Víctor Solanes. (Valorat en 600€)

Best Pilot of Serial,  Public Award
– “El Mort Viu” de Adrià Espí, Lluís Ferrer, Joan Losada, Martí Pavia and Jordi Porcel (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). (Valorado en 300€)

We are sorry for not announcing the winners during the Closing Ceremony.


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