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Direction: Cristina Collado & Marta Busquets
Production: Barça Studios, TV3
Country: Spain
Year: 2020
Language: Spanish
Duration: 1h 11’


This is a story of struggle and overcoming told by the protagonists themselves: players, managers, friends and, for the first time, Tito Vilanova’s family, remember Barça’s coach who got the memorable 100-point League while fighting for his life. In this moving documentary, produced by Barça Studios, they all pay homage to Tito Vilanova and remember in first person a historic season for FC Barcelona, a season with a 100 points achieved at the end of the tournament, a gesture that still no team has managed to overcome. “100×100 Tito” is the story of a tireless fight, a fight that made Tito an unforgettable person.

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