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Direction: Arkadiusz Felicki
Production: Inbornmedia & GH E&M Korea
Country: Poland & South Corea
Year: 2021
Genre: Documentary
Version/projection language: English
Duration: 49’


Some people have set 5G cell towers on fire, while others use 5G to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Some fear electromagnetic radiation, while others use 5G cellular transmission in remote surgery. Is there a reason to be afraid, or should we embrace this new technology?
Paul Wilson, an international leader in Smart Cities, 5G and Digital Transformation, leads the film’s main narrative. Into chapters full of unknown facts: entertainment, education, medicine, work, and safety – he comments for example on virtual reality used by obstetrics in Australia, in Spain a company that tests products that do not yet exist, virtual matches at the FC Barcelona Stadium, in Korea autonomous cars, and an application fighting coronavirus.

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