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Direction: Víctor Simal Vilanova
Production: Collectif Amis, dessous la cendre
Country: France
Year: 2021
Genre: Documentary
Language: VOSC
Duration: 57′


After Franco’s death (1975), the Spanish regime maintained a police and military apparatus similar to that of the Franco period. During the “democratic transition”, the signing of the La Moncloa pacts in 1977 between the Spanish government and the political parties and unions was rejected by the CNT (National Labor Confederation), which provoked a violent repression against the anarchist movement. and libertarian.
In February 1978, twelve libertarians were arrested in Spain in a raid. During militant actions Victor Simal and Bernard Pensiot were also arrested. Bernard was arrested in Barcelona on February 4, 1978. Victor, for his part, was arrested the day before at the Spanish border with three other companions. Before being imprisoned in La Modelo in Barcelona, they were severely tortured for three days in “interrogations” by the Civil Guard.

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