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Direction: Susana Soldado Cáliz
Production: Televisió de Badalona
Country: Spaib
Year: 2020
Genre: Documentary
Language: Catalan
Duration: 7’


Several reports put on the table how the pandemic has increased gender inequalities, one of them, that of the Catalan Institute of Women, “The gender impact of COVID-19 on data”. Based on the report, and with the collaboration of the Federation of Women of Badalona, Badalona Comunició has focused on the city’s women to know their reality. It is a documentary series in various formats: 5 7-minute television reports (aprox.), 4 audiovisual pieces to be broadcast inside tv magazine programs, 5 radio pieces to be broadcast on radio magazines and a series of Twitter threads (#Donesenpandèmia) designed to pass the main conclusions on through data. In addition, the project can also be seen on YouTube and on Badalona Comunicació’s streaming service.

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