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Year: 2017
Country: Spain
Production: De Verité Produccions
Direction: Marta Guerrero
Film editiong: Serguey Odinstov
Animation: Serguey Odinstov
Genre: Animació
Original language: Catalan
Running time: 10 min


After spending a long time in his tower searching for knowledge, the Magician arrives at a cliff, where he manipulates ancient symbols in a magic ritual, through which he will become physically fused with an owl. Together they will travel through the four elements of nature: fire, earth, water and wind, going through fantasy worlds full of magical beings, until they end up inside the mind of a little girl sitting on a door-step in the middle of civilisation.



The festival will project this fiction short film with an experimental and creative approach. The film, in black and white, is directed and scripted by Marta Carrero and produced by De Verite productions. In addition, it has the support of the Institut Ramon Llull.

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