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Direction: Cristina Vicente
Production & TV: Uniunfandos S.L. and TV3
Country: Spain
Year: 2021
Genre: Disclosure about sexuality
Language: VOC
Duration: 20′


“El punt D” is a program that talks about the myths, stereotypes, taboos… that exist around sexuality. With the desire to disseminate and entertain, and with a feminist and LGTBIQ+ sensitivity, the program invites testimonials and professionals from various fields to speak rigorously about sexuality, a predominant topic, but about which perhaps not much is known.

“Point D” consists of ten twenty-minute chapters, narrated by a well-known and different voice-over for each installment. Each episode deals with a key topic to understand sexuality and break down myths: masturbation, sexual identity, sexual practices, menstruation, sexual desire, genitals, orgasm, sexual fantasies, health and a final chapter that includes the key questions around sexuality. Because if everyone has sexuality, everyone should be able to talk about it.

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