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Direction: Joanna Pardos
Production: RTVE in collaboration with Sidecar Media
Country: Spain
Year: 2021
Genre: Factual
Language: VOC
Duration: 58′


Sílvia Abril has set out to travel all over Catalonia, notebook in hand, to recover all those traditional recipes that have given identity to towns and are about to be lost.

The rush, the new times, the new technologies, mean that the tradition of inheriting the recipes of our grandparents, with the secrets of Catalan gastronomy, is at risk of disappearing forever. And with that, traditions, culture, history, products also disappear… that is why Sílvia Abril will approach these recipes, not only to rescue the kitchen, but everything that is linked to it: in each program we will visit a town of Catalonia, we will get to know its inhabitants, its landscape, its culture, its experiences and above all its products and ways of taking care of them. Also those “rarities” and curiosities linked to the kitchen that only a few people know about.

In this way, the most traditional recipes will be the way to form a human portrait of the towns of Catalonia.

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