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Direction: Sorriaux Thomas
Production: Kader Aoun Productions
Country: France
Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy
Language: VOSC
Duration: 90′


Maxime is a hardened bachelor who takes full advantage of his freedom and assumes that he wants to live selfishly, without ties, children or constraints. He takes a dim view of this rather intrusive brother who comes to live with him with his ferret. Maxime however, agrees to help a sterile couple of friends who are trying to have a child by artificial insemination, by going to make an anonymous sperm donation to legally speed up the procedure.
But shortly after, during a badly controlled drunken evening, the ferret accidentally bites Maxime’s private parts, causing a vasectomy which renders him permanently sterile. Suddenly realizing that he will never be able to have children, Maxime tries to recover his gift, and learning that it has already been used, wants at all costs to know who will be the mother of his future and only child. When his brother steals his file from the clinic, he discovers amazed that it is Lisa Barrot, a famous and attractive TV journalist. Even though she’s about to get married, Maxime can’t let his one chance to have a real family slip away and is ready to do anything to get closer to her…

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