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Direction: Nien-tsu Hsieh
Production: Hakka TV
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
Xiu-die Yu played by Vickey Liu
Tang-yang Guo played by Champion Lu
Wei Guo played by Hsieh Chi-wen
Zheng-xun Xu played by Hsia Ching-ting
Hui-na Xu, a.k.a. Na played by Zaizai Lin
Min-li Lu, a.k.a. Li played by Pon Chu
Duration:1h 48’


Xiu-die is an alpha female. Since she had a brain tumor surgery, she has been trying to implement her dreams in life. The only one that stops her is his daughter, Na. And what she lacks is a partner by her side. A middle-aged fraud and his nephew are aiming to scam lonely rich ladies for money. They keep company with these women without true love but getting inheritance interests form their last part of life journey. This is what Guo Wei thought a simple case, but his nephew, Tang, has stole Xiu-die’s heart away and even given her his true love! On the other hand, Xiu-die is fighting more and more fiercely with her daughter. With the signing of the advance care planning, Na is getting uneasy. A sudden accident forces them to make a choice between life and death.

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