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Direction: Sílvia Quer
Production: Minimal Films. Televisió de Catalunya. Coproduced by La Xarxa Audiovisual Local (XAL)
Country: Spain
Year: 2021
Genre: Fiction
Versió/idioma projecció: VOC
Duration: 90′


Sabaté lives in exile in France, but since the end of the Civil War, he has never stopped making incursions into Spain to try to defeat fascism through the only method he knows and considers effective: direct action. At Christmas 1959, Sabaté is forty-four years old, sick, tired and depressed. His companions in the struggle have all died and so have his brothers, which weighs heavily on his conscience. However, he cannot abandon the cause and disobeying all advice, he decides to go to Spain, crossing the border on foot, as he has always done.

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