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Direction: Jose Morales
Production: Aumakua Films
Country: Guatemala, Mexico and USA
Year: 2023
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 85′


The wind blows from the north in Guatemala City, and Ader inhales in an eternal sigh the cold air that fills him with memories. The cracks of the 1976 earthquake inevitably caused Guatemala to fall into a civil war. He escaped with his mother to California, where together they built an Eden. The anti-immigration policies affected Ader and 25 years later he is forced to go into exile to his homeland, a country where no one remembers him. Solitaire skates through the chaotic Guatemalan streets, while his heart dreams of surfing a blue wave from his beloved California. The planes pass over his house and remind him that every week thousands of deported people arrive at the Guatemala airport who, like him, have seen their American dream cut short. Ader faces this new reality and every day tries to rebuild his life in the land of oblivion.

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