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Direction: Álvaro Iglesias
Production: Soloworks Films for IB3
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Genre: Documentary
Language: VOE
Duration: 49′


A journey through the immense figure of Tòfol Castanyer, his origins in athletics, and how he became the forerunner of “mountain runners” before “mountain races” existed. A true unknown hero, a silent athlete on a par with the great athletes of the world. Someone who has taken the sport and his body to the extreme. And that he has managed to be in the elite without practically making any noise, without knowing it until now. But, who is Tòfol Castanyer? Why this need to push your body to the limit? Where does this brutal resistance come from? We will travel with him paths that lead us to his life, a journey through his heart, his mind, his superhuman ability to face impossible challenges. The last unknown, the king of the mountains.

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