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Direction: Pedro De Echave García and Felip Solé
Production: Quindrop Produccions Audiovisuals SL and Segula Films with RTVE, IB3 and 3Cat.
Country: Spain
Year: 2023
Genre: Historical biopic, human rights
Duration: 64’


Pedro Urraca. Franco’s policeman and doghound, Gestapo agent E-8001 and Vichy Regime collaborator. He is a key member of a group of secret agents at the service of the Franco-Petàin-Hitler triangle. Nicknamed “The Red Hunter” he was responsible for the persecution, arrest and plundering of numerous anti Fascist Spaniards exiled in France and French Jews during the Nazi occupation,”unfortunates who drag their defeat around the world” in the words of Urraca himself.

Pedro Urraca, Spanish police officer and Gestapo agent, led the persecution of numerous Spanish republicans exiled in France during the Nazi occupation. The portrait of a sinister character through the testimony of his granddaughter.

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