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Arxipèlag blau

Direction: Executive producer of IB3 Carmelo Sirera and marine biologist Xisco Riera Production: IB3 and the Marilles Foundation and in…


Direction: Jordi Lara Production: 3Cat Country: Spain Year: 2023 Genre: Talk show Broadcast channel: 33 Duration: 38’

Generació porno

Direction: Oiane Sagasti Production: 3cat, ETB and Shine Iberia Country: Spain Year: 2023 Genre: Documentary series Broadcast channel: 3cat Duration:…

Punts de Vista

Direction: Montse Tejera Production: RTVE Catalunya Country: Spain Year: 2019 Genre: Cultural program Broadcast channel: La 2 RTVE Duration: 45’

Sagrada Familia: el Desafío de Gaudí

Direction: Marc Jamplosky Production: Atomis Media, 3Cat, Movistar+ Spain: Spain Year: 2022 Genre: Documentary Broadcast channel: Movistar + Duration: 47’

Mapes Mentals

Direction: Laura Carulla Production: Incís Films Country: Spain Year: 2023 Genre: Factual Broadcast channel: RTVE Catalunya Duration: 28’

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