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Direction: Laura Carulla
Production: Incís Films
Country: Spain
Year: 2023
Genre: Factual
Broadcast channel: RTVE Catalunya
Duration: 28’


MENTAL MAPS is a program about psychology and personal growth that seeks answers to topics that concern most of us: how can we be happy at work? Why do we overeat when we feel anxious? What is a toxic relationship? And how can we know if we suffer from depression or what we feel is a passing sadness? In the first season, we will also discover tools to sleep well, not to fall into addiction to social networks, to have more sexual pleasure and to cultivate good luck, among others.

To talk about it bluntly, we have the perfect presenter: Ana Boadas, who will answer the questions we all ask about mental health. Ana will converse with the best experts with rigor, closeness and a great sense of humor and in each program she will take a journey full of vital learning.

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