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Year: 2018
Country: Spain
Production, script and editing: Associació Juvenil La Collanada
Idioma original: Catalan
Genre: documentary
Running time: 90 min


La Coll@nada has never been a closed book. 10+5 is an update, a refreshment. While the first documentary dealt with the founding of the association, this one covers its evolution, explaining that nothing is over. Where are we heading to? That is the question we pose. The new generation, feminism, types of party, the right to a city. These are concepts that echo in each idea that is brought forward. Partying maybe has been outgrown. Igualada is definitely owned by who celebrates her. And by who lives her.


Zoom KM.0 which wants to give visibility to the productions of the Anoia region, the festival projects this documentary about the 25 years of the trajectory of the Youth Association La Collanada d’Igualada on the occasion of its anniversary. A quarter century living and reinventing the city through the party.

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