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Year: 2018
Country: Hongria
Producer: Szupermodern Studio / Duna TV
Director: Attila Szász
Script: Norbert Köbli, Attila Szász
Photography: András Nagy
Artistic direction: Anna Talec
Music: Funktasztikus
Film editing: László Hargittai
Original language: hongarès
Cast: Marina Gera, Sándor Csányi, Laura Döbrösi
Genre: drama
Running time: 110 min.

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Christmas, 1944. After entering into Hungary, Soviet soldiers drag all German-origin women from a small village into a labour camp, where they will be forced to work in coal mines under inhumane conditions. Irén, one of the deported Hungarian women, will meet Rajmund, who will teach her how to survive in the camp. Although they are planning on returning home to their families, history and fate have a different plan for them: Irén and Rajmund fall in love.
Örok tél, a fact-based feature film directed by Attila Szász, recounts the story of the 700,000 Hungarian victims of the Soviet labour camps, a hidden history that sees the light 70 years later.



Örök tél is the real story of an unlikely romance in a Soviet field of work that, after being hidden for years, now sees light through this Hungarian production. The film has been awarded the Best New Release Award at the Heartland International Film Festival (2018) and also with the Best Director Award for Attila Szász at the Montreal World Film Festival this year.

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