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Year: 2018
Country: Spain
Producer: La Cometa TV / TVE
Director: Iñaki Peñafiel
Script: Antonio Ascencio, Clara Pérez Escrivà
Photography: Teo Delgado
Artistic direction: David Temprano
Music: Pablo Cervantes
Film editiong: David San José
Original language: castellà
Cast: Leonor Watling, Patrick Criado, Daniel Grao, Macarena Sanz
Genre: thriller
Running time: 95 min

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XVI Century. The Augustinian monk Antoni de Román dies in suspicious circumstances after winning a professorship at the University of Salamanca. Today, 500 years later, the writer and historian Lara Cabanes is in charge of investigating that death. The investigation will unexpectedly turn ever more complex and dangerous, shedding light into a time marked by the fight of the Inquisition against new ideas taking hold throughout Europe. Unrelented ambition and the struggle for power are not just things of the past, and through her investigation Lara will come across hurtful discoveries and treason. The steps of the Augustinian professor lead to today, and Lara will discover that so many centuries later, truth still has terrible enemies.


One of the screenwriters of the film, Clara Pérez Escrivá, received a Goya award for the Best adapted screenplay with his team in 2001. On the other hand, director Iñaki Peñafiel has worked in the direction of productions and episodes such as Los misterios de Laura (2014), Vive cantando (2013/2014), The time between seams (2013) or Los Protected (2011). Assassination at the university will be screened in the Official Zoom Section but will be out of the competition.

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