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Year: 2018
Country: Espanya
Producer: Diagonal Televisió / Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals
Director: Joan Noguera, Kiko Ruiz
Script: Sergi Belbel, Cristina Clemente, Roc Esquius
Photography: Raimon Lorda
Music: David Carabén
Film editing: Frank Gutiérrez
Original language: català
Cast: Pablo Derqui, Mercedes Sampietro, Andrea Ros, Sergi López, Montse Guallar, Javier Beltrán, paula Malia, Abel Folk.
Genre: Drama
Running time: 50′


Eduard, a middle-aged professional, happily married to Elisa and father of two children, sees his life take an unexpected twist: a tragedy indirectly caused by him hits him very hard. Not his family nor his friends can relieve his pain. The appearance of a mysterious old lady will make him slowly recover his will to live, thanks to the exploration of parallel universes that will take him through time and space.



The Zoom Festival will be screening an unpublished episode, number 7, of the new series on the Monday evening at TV3, which had previously played fictions such as Nit i Dia, Cites or Merlí. Si no t’hagués conegut combines the drama and the love story between the two main characters with the exploration of the genre of science fiction, very unusual in the series of production of Catalan public television. Through an original approach – what would have happened if we had made different decisions in life? – the main character, Pablo Derqui (in the role of Eduard) revives his past in parallel universes, where he finds himself same and to the important people of his life. The series has a total of 10 chapters.

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