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Zoom Festival Official Section

TV Films and mini-series of national or international production, not yet screened on TV, and of any genre.

General Terms and Conditions 2018
Zoom Festival Official Section

The ZOOM FESTIVAL has as its goal the dissemination and promotion of TV Films and to bring the audience closer to these productions that can only be seen through the small screen.
The Official Section of this 16th edition is open on an international level, so all films produced to be screened on TV will be able to register, independently of its origin. The only condition is that they have not been screened in Catalonia. For the accomplishment of these objectives, ZOOM FESTIVAL calls this festival from the 20th to the 25th of November 2018.


There is only one competitive category in the Zoom TV Official Section:
Single feature films – TV movies and mini-series of two or more episodes, no premiered in Spain.

All producer companies, TV station, directors that hold the legal control over the films may enter.

General terms

The films entered for competition will have to comply with the following:

  • All nationalities and international co-productions are accepted.
  • Production must have finished after 1st January 2017.
  • Productions (TV Movies or mini-series) that have been screened in Catalonia will not be admitted.
  • Productions will be presented in their original language. Those whose original language is not either Catalan nor Spanish, will have to be subtitled either in English or in French.
  • Productions that have been presented and screened in previous ZOOM FESTIVAL editions will not be admitted.
  • Of all TV Films, the Festival will select those movies that will take part in the Official Section for the competition.
  • Participants will have to ensure that the rights of participating in the ZOOM FESTIVAL do no infringe the rights of third parties related with the production of the film.

Documentation for pre-selection

The following documentation will have to be presented in order to qualify for the festival selection:

  • Registration has to be processed through the online form, including a secure link for online viewing.
  • Registration to be presented no later that the 31st of July 2018.

Documentation in case the film has been selected:

  • The Festival will advise the selected films for the competition through the contact details that have been provided in the registration form.
  • The selected copies will have to be presented in the following format:
    -File .mov HD
  • Copies and promotional material will have to reach the Festival offices before the 5th of September 2018, and the organizers will have to be advised of the copy’s expedition date and the means of transport used.
  • Copies on DCP or hard drive will be returned to the sender’s address.

Distribution of copies for competition

Producer companies and/or directors will be in charge of the expenses incurred by the sending of the copies of the film to the headquarters of ZOOM FESTIVAL. Expenses for the return of the copies that have taken part in the official section will be paid by the Festival. Copies of films participating in the official section will have to reach the headquarters of the ZOOM FESTIVAL before the 1st of October 2018, and the date of the dispatch and the means of transport will have to be communicated to the organization.

Selection and jury

Decision by jury members will be undisputable. The management of the ZOOM FESTIVAL reserves the right not to accept, once selected, those copies that do not comply with the technical requirement appropriate for their public screening.

The Official Jury will be made up of five cinema and TV professional, and who will give the award to the Best TV Film, Best Director and Best Script.

There will be a Young Jury made up of young students of ages between 16 and 18, who under the guidance of a TV or cinema professional, will select the best TV Film.


The following awards will be presented:

  • Zoom Award for Best TV fiction
  • Zoom Award for Best director
  • Zoom Award for Best script
  • Zoom Award for Best acting
  • Young Jury Award for Best TV Movie

The final decision and the presentation of the awards will take place during the closing ceremony of the ZOOM FESTIVAL, on the 24th of November 2018.


  • Category awards cannot in any case be declared null.
  • Members of the jury may present three awards to the same film.
  • The Festival will be able to make video copies of the selected films, which will become part of the video repository of the ZOOM FESTIVAL, intended for non-for-profit audiovisual dissemination. In any case, the ZOOM FESTIVAL will inform the producers of their use, always intended for education and not for profit.


During the Festival de organisers will have the right to screen the selected movies in as many public sessions as it deems appropriate. To this effect, a programme will be created, which will contain information as to the screening venues, times and dates in advance.

All the films that are screened at the ZOOM FESTIVAL, either in the Official Section or in other sections, will be included in the Official Festival Catalog.


Producers and directors that participate in the Official Section of the Festival will authorise, when presenting the registration form, the use of one or various fragments of their film for its dissemination as information material in any media.

Additional terms

These terms and conditions may be complemented before the beginning of the ZOOM FESTIVAL and with previous notice to those interested parties, with as many annexes as the organisation deems appropriate.

The registration of a film in the Official Section competition of the ZOOM FESTIVAL assumes the acceptance and compliance of these terms and conditions and their possible annexes.

Registration and communications address

Zoom, Festival Internacional de Ficció Televisiva
Ateneu Igualadí
C / Sant Pau, 9
08700 IGUALADA (Barcelona)
Tel. 0034-93 803 0763
Tel. 0034-93 803 9428

Registration Form Official Section


You can also send the frames via Wetransfer at


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