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Direction: Olivier Klepatzky
Production: Olivier Klepatzky
Country: France
Year: 2020
Genre: Documental
Language: French
Duration: 66 minutes


This last year, dancing has been the antidote to the multiple lockdowns. This art helped raise funds for hospitals, reduce domestic violences or made people feel better mentally.

From the start of the first lockdown, many dancers opened virtually the doors of their homes to share their knowledge. Fauve Hautot, a french dancer from the tv show “Dancing with the Stars” was one of the first to give free lessons on her Instagram account, followed by more than 650,000 subscribers. Open to everyone, it brought together several thousand people every day.

During this stressful period, the nurses have danced during their rare moments of pause. On the east coast of the United States, caregivers from a Philadelphian hospital dance regularly to relieve stress and lift their heart. By posting a simple video, they managed to sensitize a whole country about the hard fight they were dealing.

From Vietnam to France via Lebanon, the United States and Colombia, I invite you to discover the stories of this world union around dance. The universal language that connects people.

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