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Direction: Guan-yu Chen
Production: Hakka TV
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2023
Genre: Lifestyle
Broadcast channel: Hakka TV
Duration: 52’


The Hakka people are moving around the world. In the 19th century, the ancestors of the Hakka people went to the Malay Peninsula to work in Southeastern Asia. Currently, the Hakka young people are still moving across different countries to look for a better life. Voluntarily or not, the first livelihood issue of the migrants is about their daily diet. Rich or poor, everybody has to eat every day. The Hakka cook, Ted, will travel around the world to find the Hakka people who have moved to other countries and make friends via food, trying to communicate with them and appreciate their culture. He’ll listen to the migrants’ stories of their new home and with a dish recording his reflection on every trip, combining food, traveling with human beings.

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