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Direction: Miguel Sánchez – Romero
Production: Movistar Plus+ in collaboration with Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio)
Country: Spain
Year: 2023
Genre: Stand up Comedy
Broadcast channel: Movistar plus +
Duration 25’


Leo Talks is a parody of what motivational talks are, carried out by the comedian Leo Harlem, with an objective completely contrary to the positive and inspiring tone that the originals give off. Without a doubt, it is a format that proposes a renewed formula of the classic “Stand up Comedy”. On stage, in front of a large screen and surrounded by an audience, Leo presents a daring and impressive thesis aimed at destroying many concepts and realities that invade our lives.

A hilarious point of view that addresses topics such as fatherhood, the fascination with entrepreneurship, body worship, hyperactive leisure, excessive celebrations or invasion technology that we live in. Leo is accompanied by Chari, his “state-of-the-art virtual assistant”, and the humor from the comedian Patricia Espejo, who supports the monologist’s theories by telling her own experiences. The talks are also supported by testimonies and news that raise more important questions than we may believe. In short, the comedian aims to discourage the entire world from undertaking any action aimed at improving life. Do you really want to become an Iron man? Don’t worry, Leo will make them go away…

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