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Direction: Sergi Arévalo
Production: 3Cat and Veranda TV
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Genre: Talent Show
Broadcast channel: TV3
Duration: 2h 35’


This is “Euforia Dance”: a program focused on dance that draws on the spirit and philosophy of “Euforia”. 30 young dance professionals compete and collaborate with a common goal: to become one of the 12 official dancers of the new edition of “Euforia”.

They must pass different eliminatory tests, directed by the program’s choreographer, the acclaimed Albert Sala. Continuing with the spirit of “Euforia”, the contestants will have to work as a team and collaborate with each other to create the most spectacular shows, while competing to stay within the contest.

A large display of media that includes 9 cameras, a drone team and a space converted into a set of about 2,000 square meters will host the “Eufòria Dance” galas every week. And all this, in a great family entertainment format in which we can once again listen to the most popular contestants from the first edition of “Euforia”, with staging and choreographies more vibrant than ever.

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