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Direction: Eulàlia Guarro Rosell
Production: Produced by Televisió de Catalunya in collaboration with Life&Pictures and Departament de Cultura ICEC support
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Genre: Literature program
Language: VOC
Duration: 25-28′


“El retorn de les lluernes” is a program to better understand the world around us through literature. In each episode, an anonymous reader explores the curiosities and questions that reading a book has raised in him. In this way, the gaze is diverted from the academic and prescriptive approach, and is directed towards the experience of this anonymous reader, to understand the values ​​and interpretations that literature awakens in him.

The main readers, all of them anonymous young people with diverse backgrounds, interests and literary tastes, lead the episodes proposing complementary readings and encounters with various people with whom to share and complement their reflections. The program also wants to be an exploration of the territory, its people and its culture. Each of the chapters is located in a specific town in Catalonia, the place of origin or residence of the reader, which marks their way of understanding the world and relating to it and to literature. An anthropological and social value is thus added to the program.

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