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Direction: I-li LO
Production: Hakka TV
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2021
Genre: Musical Documentary
Language: VOSC
Duration: 53′


Today in the 21st century, “singing” is no longer just a purely musical act. It can represent the pulse of society and put contemporary ideas into practice. To raise awareness about energy issues, we adopted a documentary-style cinematic approach to follow musicians recording an album close to nature.
“Eleven Meinong Conversations” invites music producer and singer-songwriter Wing Lo to return to his sunny hometown of Meinong, a historic Hakka settlement in Taiwan, and fulfill a ten-year musical dream. Lo transforms a solar-powered wooden guest house into a recording studio to record his dream album in his Hakka mother tongue. The film conveys the passion of Lo’s Hakka music and his love of living life close to nature.
Through eleven seemingly daily conversations with different characters, Lo’s pure and carefree rural childhood, his nostalgia of leaving home, and his loss of a beloved family member, are transformed into timeless, radiant melodies that touch the heart.

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