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Year: 2018
Country: Spain
Producer: Distinto Films, TVE, TV3
Director: Sílvia Quer
Script: Margarita Melgar
Photography: David Valldepérez
Artistic direction: Irene Montcada
Film editing: Queralt González
Original language: Catalan
Cast: Elena Martín, Nora Navas, Àlex Monner, Pablo Derqui, Lara Díez
Genre: Drama
Running time: 85 min.


In 1919, Barcelona is the city of workers’ strikes and gun gangs. In that context, Consuelo wants to leave behind the orphanage where she has grown up and to take charge of her own life. She will overcome all sorts of prejudices and will finally manage to get a job at El Siglo, the city’s department store, a paradise of elegance for the bourgeoisie. But everything will turn upside down when she begins to investigate her origins; could she be the daughter of the famous painter Isidre Nonell and his gypsy muse?


The woman of the Century is directed by Sílvia Quer, who has also directed La Xirgu and La
Llum d’Elna, winner of the DO Award at the Zoom Festival 2017. The film is based on a real story: the relationship between the painter Isidre Nonell and his gypsy muse Consuelo Jiménez, who agrees with the name of the fictional daughter of the film. Among the cast we find Lara Díez, who was the presenter of the Closing Gala of the 15th edition of the Zoom Festival, last year. We also find Àlex Monner, who has been among the guests of the event on several occasions.

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