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Year: 2017
Country: Brasil
Producer: Estúdio Globo
Directors: Andrucha Waddington i Mini Kerti
Script: Jorge Furtado, Lucas Paraíso, Marcio Alemão, Antonio Prata
Photography: Fernando Young i Lula Cerri
Music: Antonio Pinto, Eduardo Aram i Felipe Romão
Editing: Sérgio Mekler
Original language: portugués
Cast: Cibele Santa Cruz, Júlio Andrade i Marjorie Estiano
Genre: drama
Running time: two chapters of 50 min.

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Evandro is a talented and depressed doctor, addicted to work, who is the Head of Surgery in a deteriorated public hospital from the subdistrict of Rio de Janeiro. Unable to overcome the death of his wife Madalena, whom he could not save in the operating room after a serious accident, Evandro finds relief from Dr. Carolina, her colleague at work, who takes refuge in the faith to face the difficulties. In spite of being very different, both will find together a way to survive between hospital emergencies and the chaos of their own lives.



This Brazilian television serie, a total of 10 episodes divided into two seasons, portrays the relationship between doctors and patients in a hospital in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, where resources are scarce, with a very realistic approach. The film successfully achieved this reality and has been awarded with a total of 9 prizes within the framework of the São Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards, the Extra Television Awards and the Biarritz International Audiovisual Programming Festival.

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