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Year: 2018
Country: Xile
Producer: Invercine&Wood, Turner Latinoamérica, Chilevisión
Director: Julio Jorquera, Esteban Larraín
Script: Luis Barrales, Julio Jorquera, Natacha Caravia, Luis Langlemei, Esteban Larraín
Photography: Enrique Stindt
Music: Miranda y Tobar
Film editing: Camilo Campi, Álvaro Solar
Original language: Spanish
Cast: Mariona Loyola, Andrés Rillón, Consuelo Carreño, Elías Collado
Genre: drama
Running time: 50 min + 50 min

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In Santiago de Chile, mid 1960s, Mary and Mike are an exemplary couple with two perfect kids. Mary is a writer, and a leading figure in the cultural and intellectual life of Chile under the dictatorship, while Mike is an afable American with a great talent for electronics. However, behind a life of parties, evenings by the poolside and a family life, a secret lies hidden. 20 meters from the family home, in what seems to be Mike’s work shed, activists who are articulating the resistance against Pinochet’s dictatorship are being tortured and assassinated. A miniseries directed by Julio Jorquera and Esteban Larraín, that will immerse us into the drama of the tortured and persecuted by the Chilean dictatorship.



This fact-based film is a production causes a “mirror” effect of Chilean society and politics, as well as the repression experienced by the victims of the Pinochet dictatorship in the last century, showing the duality between humanity and cruelty. However, Mary & amp; Mike is full of fiction in a demonstration of the growing trend of the Chilean industry in generating quality audio-visual content. In 2015 the National Television Council of Chile spent part of its annual economic funds to make the production of this mini-series possible, which would be released on television in March 2018.

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